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Village Learning

Encouraging curiosity
since 1988.

Village Learning is the education and curiosity cultivation aspect of the The Village at Redlands’ Resident-Centered Philosophy. Believing that we are created to learn, grow, and be curious for our entire lives, The Village at Redlands encourages residents to take advantage of opportunities to explore personal interests and pursue curiosities that they have not had time for in the past.

Resident-driven Clubs and Groups
Residents are encouraged to participate in clubs and groups that appeal to their interests. Bible studies, book clubs, and chess clubs are just a few examples of resident-driven learning groups. Residents also have access to a library and computers to pursue their interests privately.

Guest Speakers
Guest speakers give lectures and workshops regularly on topics of interest to residents. Physicians, nurses, and other health professionals lead seminars on health and well-being. Our lecture series also include talks on a range of topics from financial planning to bird-watching.

From Acorn to Oak
The Village at Redlands values lifelong learning. This is why The Village has worked to foster strong relationships with schools from elementary to college levels. The Village at Redlands is a vital part of the Redlands education community involving Redlands Christian School, Arrowhead Christian Academy, and Community Christian College. Many of the residents’ grandchildren attend these schools making the connection between these institutions all the more valuable.

Creating Community: Loving - Caring - Sharing

The Village at Redlands is designed to serve the needs of the elderly, 62 years of age or older, in an environment, which promotes the privacy, dignity, independence and choices of all residents. The Village at Redlands is committed to providing equal housing opportunities and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.

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